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You’re here for one of two reasons…you want to submit a wish for someone or you want to make someone’s wish come true!  Either way, we want to help.

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Our December 11th deadline has been met and we are busy working on fulfilling the wishes that have been submitted.

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Are you here because you want to make someone’s Christmas wish come true?  Just click this box to let us know that and we’ll find the perfect wish for you!

Join the fun this Christmas for a Hometown Christmas Festival!

Celebrate a classic Christmas with a fresh take.

It’s everything you want Christmas to be.

Friday, December 22nd  |  5pm
Saturday, December 23rd  |  5pm
Sunday, December 24th  |  11am  |  3pm


We’re partnering with Angels in Motion this Christmas and collecting items to make “blessing bags.”  They’ll be given to those struggling with addictions.  Each weekend bring in some of the items listed to Fresh Start Church and we’ll be putting these blessing bags together in the Wish Factory during our Christmas festival times.

Items being collected the weekend of December 2/3

  • Boxes of Pop Tarts

  • Boxes of Nutrigrain or Granola Bars

  • Individual packets of peanuts

Items being collected the weekend of December 9/10

  • Boxes of Capri Suns

  • Boxes of Yoohoo Chocolate drinks

  • Cases of bottled water

Items being collected the weekend of December 16/17

We’re collecting travel sized items of the following:

  • Soap

  • Shower gel

  • Deodorant

  • Shampoo

  • Chapstick

  • Toothpaste

We’re also collecting socks and gloves.